Veteran Express Transport Service Inc. (VETS) was created to provide the highest level of quality transportation trucking service, while simultaneously achieving the lifetime goal of the owners by giving back something to our country.  The management team of VETS came together with the vision of filling a recognized need in the transportation industry while supporting our veterans who gave so much to protect the lifestyle we enjoy. We“CAN DO!”

  • VETS is fully insured above statutory limits and have all required permits and licenses.
  • VETS drivers are experienced, licensed, insured, courteous and motivated.
  • Our "CAN DO" attitude is a commitment to provide our customers with the means of meeting their business's transportation, and logistics demands.
  • Whether you're looking for daily local deliveries or regional LTL shipments our professionals are ready to serve you so call us today! We "CAN DO"
  • California Carrier Number: CA 440896